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Vietnamese War Remnant Museum

History’s Different Facets: Confronting New Perspectives in Vietnam

Here’s a question you probably weren’t asked in history class: Who won the American War? If you’re a little confused as to which war I’m referring to, you’re probably not Vietnamese. To the rest of the world, the prolonged struggle from 1959 to 1975 between communist-backed northern Vietnam and the … [Read More...]

Gap Year - US Students

Thinking of a Gap Year? A Primer for American Students

Most high school seniors spend a tremendous amount of time researching and applying to colleges. It's hard not to get swept up in the excitement and pressures of this phase of high school life. In reality, however, many students aren’t ready to make the commitment attached to college, and may not … [Read More...]

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Expat Teen - Young & Global Magazine

The Advantages and Challenges of Expat Teens: Supporting this Unique Population

When Diana Smit's family moved from Cairo, Egypt, to Jakarta, Indonesia, her eldest child (now 18 years old) was asked by the parent of a classmate, ‘I understand you lived in Egypt - are you Egyptian?’ Her blond, green-eyed five-year-old responded without any hesitation, “Not anymore - I'm Indonesian now.” That, for Diana, was a clear indication of how adaptable her daughter had already become. … [Read More...]

Global Teachers

Kids ‘n Culture: A Teacher’s Perspective

When one of my colleagues asked if I could chaperone a field trip to France, Monaco, and Spain, I thought he was absolutely crazy.  The idea of taking a bunch of high school students from Harlem to another country seemed impossible. How were we going to be able to find the money for these students to afford the trip? How were we going to prepare students for the culture shock of being outside of … [Read More...]

Student Rail Travel Through Europe

Student Travel in Europe: Is a Rail Pass Right for You?

Taking your first major trip through Europe is a big step for most student travelers. What awaits you is one of the world's most diverse destinations; a land with dozens of languages, cultures, and a plethora of possible places to visit. In most European countries, train travel remains the most comfortable, relaxing, and affordable way to get from point A to point B. There are many rail pass … [Read More...]

Pocket Passport

Study Abroad in High School: Get Your Passport and Go, Sooner Rather than Later

Transitioning into your high school years is often a mixed bag of emotions: definitely some excitement, probably some hesitation, a lot of expectation, and all rightly so. It’s a formative period of your life. Those years are as much about becoming the person you will be and developing your interests as they are about building a platform for your further education and career aspirations. But … [Read More...]